Troy’s Tractors, The Passing of a Dedicated Collector

This is from Troy’s Tractors, I re-posted from their website due to the temporary nature of that website and that it could be deleted at anytime and a direct link to this information would no longer be available

“Raised in Dawson and Lynn counties of Texas, Troy and Mildred Brown moved to Hale Center in 1951, where they became active members of the community. Their 64-year marriage was only ended by Troy’s passing on Christmas Day of 2011.

Troy farmed all his life, and served his community as a Deacon in the Baptist Church, member of the FSA County Committee and on the Boards of the Hale Center Schools, Hale Center Wheat Growers, Hale Center Co-Op Gin and Hale County Farm and Ranch Museum.

After his God and his family, his great love was Texas A&M and following Aggie Sports. A member of the A&M Class of 1949, Troy counted among his descendants and their spouses eight Aggies, two graduates of the Air Force Academy, and four young great-grandchildren who already bleed Maroon as well.

Troy began collecting Antique tractors in the early 1990s. Though he enjoyed the tractors, the hunt, the stories the tractors told, the friends he made along the way were what he enjoyed most about the hobby.

steve-and-troyA special thanks goes out to his friend J.C. Armstrong, who helped collect and restore much of the collection. And even more special thanks to friend and long-time family employee Steve Roque. Even though it wasn’t his job, Steve cheerfully helped with the collection and restoration as well. Steve was also invaluable help in cleaning and organizing the tractors for shows and especially the Fourth of July parade each year in Hale Center, where Troy would have as many as 20 tractors in the festivities.

We hope that these tractors bring you as much joy as they did to Troy.”

Two of Troy’s approximately 19 tractors were BF Avery’s, A 1945 Model-A, & a 1949 Model-V. The third BF Avery in the auction belonged to a good friend J.C. Armstrong, it was a 1948 Model-V.  There were two BF Avery parts tractors sold also, both were 1948 Model V’s, S/N 3V-014 and 3V-193.

Troy also owned a 1952 Minneapolis-Moline BF, s/n R4980, which is a BF Avery Model R that was re-branded with the model BF because MM already had a model R in their line up.
The YouTube videos and prices that were paid at the May 4, 2013 auction are below

This is an overall view of the auction for all of Troy’s toys

This is Troy’s 1945 BF Avery, Model A, S/N 5A-113.  This tractor brought $1,700.00 at the auction

This is the 1948 BF Avery Model V, S/N 2V-652, actually owned by J.C. Armstrong, it was in the auction but no final sales price given.

This is Troy’s 1949 BF Avery Model-V, S/N 4V100, it brought $2,000.00 at the auction

Troy’s 1952 Model Minneapolis Moline Model BF, s/n R4980, it brought $1,550.00 at the auction.

1948 Model V parts tractors, no sales information available

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