Daydreaming ‘Bout those Old Ford Days

Editor's note: Although this is not about BF Avery tractors, it does give an insight to the author's background.  Luther Dan Thomas is the author of the book BF Avery - Pioneer Plowmaker. Trigg County, on the state line in the south west part of the Bluegrass State, is one of small farm counties with tobacco, corn, wheat, and cattle as principal crops. It was a perfect market for small tractors like the Fords of the '40s and '50s.  In 1936, my father, Luther Thomas, had opened a Ford automobile agency in a former wagon shop in Cadiz, the county seat. Two years letter, he began to sell … [Read more...]

Model V by BF Avery What Is It Worth?

What's a BF Avery Model V worth?  The answer to the value is always is what a buyer is willing to pay and a seller is willing to sell for on any given day, because you can never have a sale without the willing buyer and willing seller reaching a mutual agreeable price.  Back in June of 2012, Collins Equipment of  Thorntown, Indiana held an online auction for a 1947 Model V (no serial number given) and the value on June 20, 2012 the final bid was $950.00 As many of you may know, the BF Avery model V was produced by the BF Avery Company that was headquartered in Louisville, KY.  It was first … [Read more...]

Planting, Hay Baling and BF Avery and The General GG

The Kracked Head Update was originally published in July 2009 in the BF Avery Club Newsletter Greetings from North Alabama, I hope this finds you all happy and in good health going into the summer. The rains finally let up and the area farmers managed to getting about 97% of their corn and 92% of their cotton planted before the May 20 cutoff date for full crop insurance coverage. Soybeans are at about 48% of the crop planted. I was out and about last evening and most of the corn I’ve seen is about knee high. Farmers are now in the process sidedressing the corn and applying herbicide to … [Read more...]

Carburetors, Garden Plow and Old BF Avery Dealership

The Kracked Head Update originally published in January 2009 for the BF Avery Newsletter Greetings and Happy Holidays from North Alabama, I hope this finds you all happy and in good health going into the New Year. From the looks of things around here it’s going to be a long cold winter.  With electrical and natural gas prices at an all time high everyone is cutting back on their energy usage.  We've knocked our thermostat back to 66 degrees and use space heaters in the bathrooms when needed.  Maybe we’ll be able to make it through the winter without breaking what’s left of the … [Read more...]

Tractor Shows BF Avery and Mid-South Flywheelers

The Kracked Head Update July 2007 First of all, I want to request any of you that have excess rainfall to send it our way.  Here in North Alabama we are in the middle of a drought that looks to be the worst on record.  We’re so far behind in annual rainfall that we’re all hoping that the hurricane season will be an active one and that they all come ashore about Mobile and move due north and stall out about the Alabama/Tennessee state line.  I dread getting my next water bill, might have to take a second mortgage out just to pay it. I guess all of you are like myself, busy in your yards, … [Read more...]