Specifications for

BF Avery Model A


I have researched the following information through all of the BF Avery manuals and salesman’s price books for the BF Avery line from the past years that I have worked in agricultural sales.  I also studied the differences in the BF Avery tractors that I personally own and it is my opinion that the list of years along with serial number breaks and production changes are as accurate as can be determined for these BF Avery tractors.  Cork Lemmon, Farm Implement Salesman and BF Avery Collector, May 2007

CarburetorTillotson 7/8" inch
ClutchRockford single plate
GovernorHercules-Handy flyball
Oil FilterFram
RadiatorMcCord tube and fin
Radiator CoverNone
Spark splugsChampion H-10
DataHP Neb Test No. (Not tested)
Number of plowsOne 16 inch Two 12 inch
EngineHercules IXB3, 3-1/4" x 4, 1450 rpm, 4 cylinders, L-head, cast en bloc, piston displacement 133 cu in, removal sleeves, No.
Pulley8.5x6.5, 1037 rpm and 2307 fm at normal engine speed
Speeds 1st 2.48 mph, 2nd 3.92 mph, 3rd 6.43 mph & Reverse 2.86 mph
Air CleanerVortox "R" oil bath
Brakestwo, operated by foot pedals