Model V by BF Avery What Is It Worth?

What’s a BF Avery Model V worth?  The answer to the value is always is what a buyer is willing to pay and a seller is willing to sell for on any given day, because you can never have a sale without the willing buyer and willing seller reaching a mutual agreeable price.  Back in June of 2012, Collins Equipment of  Thorntown, Indiana held an online auction for a 1947 Model V (no serial number given) and the value on June 20, 2012 the final bid was $950.00

As many of you may know, the BF Avery model V was produced by the BF Avery Company that was headquartered in Louisville, KY.  It was first introduced in 1946 as a big value low cost tractor for the returning WWII veterans who were accustomed to using a lot of power equipment from their time in the military.  The BF Avery Model V is a one-row tractor with an open frame to allow the operator to keep a close eye on the planting and cultivating operations. In the first production run approximately 75+/- tractors shipped with a cast iron grille before the switch was made to a sheet metal grille.  The BF Avery model V is powered by a Hercules four cylinder engine, model ZXA,  gasoline powered engine, produced by the Hercules Motors Corp, Canton, OH,  with an estimated 11 horsepower output.  While in today’s standards this seems like a small engine when compared with lawn mowers that have 22 horsepower, the Hercules engine produced a lot of torque and with the gearing ratio it was able to produce suffice power to utilize a full range of BF Avery attachments.

Attachments that were available for the BF Avery Model V:

  • Tru-Draft 14″ or 16″ moldboard breaking plow in several configurations
  • Tru-Draft one way disc plow in either a V Rim Wheel or a Flange Rim Wheel models
  • Tru-Draft Disc Plow Two Furrow in either a V-13 V-Rim Model or a V-14 Flange Rim Wheel model
  • Tru-Draft Plowing Lister available in seven different models
  • Tru-Draft Single Row Planter
  • Tru-Draft Cultivator
  • Avery Fertilizer Distributor for side dressing

So check out the video and see what a $950 BF Avery Model V looks like

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