Another Kracked Head Update

This edition of The Kracked Head Update was published in the March 2010 issue of The BF Avery Newsletter

Florence, Alabama –  I don’t know about you all, but I’m getting a little tired of the snow, wind and rain we’ve have recently. I realize our snow fall doesn’t match up to what some of you Northern folks receive, but for us southerners, snow is something we’re not used to. Just recently we received about 4” in one day and they shut schools and businesses down for two days. However, I didn’t miss any time from my job at The Home Depot, that little dab of snow didn’t bother my driving.

Have you gotten your reservations yet for the March Avery Show in Auburn, IN? If not, then check out the information on motels in this issue and give them a call to make your reservations. Debra and I are staying at the Comfort Suites and are looking forward to touring the museums and other attractions. It sure is going to be nice having the show inside since you can never tell what March weather in Indiana might be. I did see a rumor on the BF Avery internet forum that Greg Phillips was going to be doing Valet Parking for club members. Don’t know if that’s true or not but I’m all for it. Way to go Greg.
Beginning with this Kracked Head update, I will be asking a trivia question about a BF Avery item. So here is this issue’s question:

  • What is a “Dow Law” and how much did they cost in the 1940’s?

Submit your answers to me at If more than one correct answer is received, a drawing will be held and the winner will receive a BF Avery cap along with a short write up on the website describing their interest in BF Avery Tractors & equipment. So put your “Sherlock Holmes” thinking caps on and send that answer in. (This contest has closed)

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures, we need your pictures and stories for the website. Please help us out and submit something.

That’s all for this Kracked Head Update, I hope to see many of you in Indiana in March if one of the ole Ford’s will crank.  So until next time “May your furrows be straight and deep” and I’ll see you on the internet.

About Editor

As a contributing Editor to the BF Avery National Tractor Club’s Quarterly Newsletter I have written about a wide range of topics in my column The Kracked Head Update, covering the BF Avery Company’s history, tractors and equipment. I have attended many Antique Tractor Shows and talked with exhibitors about their passion for the BF Avery brand, Personally I own a 1948 BF Avery Model V that was purchased by my father around 1950.
I’m a Vietnam Veteran, having served aboard the USS Bausell, DD-845 and a member of The Tin Can Sailors Association as well as The Tonkin Gulf Yatch Club