Comments About Alabama Farming and other Tidbits

This edition of The Kracked Head Update was published in the Jaunuary 2010 issue of The BF Avery Newsletter

Greetings from North Alabama, I hope this finds you all happy and in good health going into the New Year.  Now that the holiday season is winding down, its time to think about what the New Year holds for all of us.  From my family to your family, I wish only the very best for you in 2010.

Here in our area we have had a record rainfall for 2009.  As of the date (mid-December) that I’m writing this update,  we’ve already surpassed our yearly average by a couple of inches.  TVA has been spilling water from all of its Tennessee River Dams for the last few days and low lying areas are flooding.  Recently, we had one of the earliest snowfalls on record for the Birmingham area.  Snowfall in the Deep South during December is unheard of.  Just goes to show you that you never can predict what Mother Nature is going to throw at you.

The local area farmers worked hard this fall to get their crops harvested.  I saw both combines and cotton pickers running well past dark in many farming fields.  The farmers in many places just left the crops in the field because it was too wet for the machinery to get into some areas.  Yields have been fairly decent, but below the forecasted averages.  So far we’ve not seen an increase in farm auctions, so most farming operations appear to be surviving.

 Note:  Comments about the old website were deleted due to non-relevance

As usual, Evelyn and I are begging for new content for both the website and this newsletter.  I know somewhere out there among our membership that there is a person that has an interesting story to tell about how you got interested in the BF Avery tractors or how you acquired your first Avery.  Remember, you don’t have to be a poet or an accomplished writer to tell your story, Evelyn and/or I can work with you to edit your story and get it ready to publish.  All we need is your input about farming, farm tractors or anything else.

Another new feature I’ve setup on the internet, is a group for photographs on Flickr.  For those of you that don’t know what Flickr is, it’s an online photograph site that you can upload pictures to for storage.  Within Flickr I setup a BF Avery group and folks can add their Avery tractor pictures to the collection.  Right now we have 10 members and about 30 photographs from around the country displayed.  If you’re on the internet check it out at

That’s all for this update, I hope to see many of you in Indiana in February if one of the ole Ford’s will crank.

So until next time “May your furrows be straight and deep” and I’ll see you on or the BF Avery Facebook page.

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As a contributing Editor to the BF Avery National Tractor Club’s Quarterly Newsletter I have written about a wide range of topics in my column The Kracked Head Update, covering the BF Avery Company’s history, tractors and equipment. I have attended many Antique Tractor Shows and talked with exhibitors about their passion for the BF Avery brand, Personally I own a 1948 BF Avery Model V that was purchased by my father around 1950.
I’m a Vietnam Veteran, having served aboard the USS Bausell, DD-845 and a member of The Tin Can Sailors Association as well as The Tonkin Gulf Yatch Club