About Luther "Dan" Thomas

Author of the definitive book “B.F. Avery & Sons, Pioneer Plowmakers of America." Dan tells the story of the manufacturing empire created by B.F. Avery, its rise, its eminence, and its eventual demise. Dozens of color and black-and-white photos of tractors lovingly restored by Avery tractor enthusiasts. Available from the link in the side bar.

Daydreaming ‘Bout those Old Ford Days

Editor's note: Although this is not about BF Avery tractors, it does give an insight to the author's background.  Luther Dan Thomas is the author of the book BF Avery - Pioneer Plowmaker. Trigg County, on the state line in the south west part of the Bluegrass State, is one of small farm counties with tobacco, corn, wheat, and cattle as principal crops. It was a perfect market for small tractors like the Fords of the '40s and '50s.  In 1936, my father, Luther Thomas, had opened a Ford automobile agency in a former wagon shop in Cadiz, the county seat. Two years letter, he began to sell … [Read more...]