2016 Spring Meeting and Auction Items

The BF Avery Association’s Spring Meeting will be held March 17 – 19, 2016, hosted by the Farm Power Club at  Auburn Auction Park, Auburn, Indiana.  This is the same location where our 2010 Spring show was held.  The address is 5536 Co Rd 11A, Auburn, IN 46706

a-c-d muesumThere are lots of things to do in and around Auburn and you’ll certainly stay busy touring all of the local sites.  The Auburn-Cord-Duesenberg Museum is the number one thing to do in Auburn, IN.  It’s located at the site of the original Auburn, Cord and Duesenberg Automobile Facility.  The Museum features the world’s finest cars of yesteryear live today.  There are over 120 classic, antique, vintage and special interest cars on display, along with other automotive related exhibits on three floors.  The A-C-D Museum is photographer friendly and encourages you to take pictures to remember the adventure.

The second top rated place to visit is the early Ford V-8 Foundation & Museum. While it’s not a large museum, it is a very nice museum.  It’sFord V-8 Museum located at 5634 CR 11A, Auburn, IN.

The third top rated attraction in Auburn, is located just behind the A-C-D Muesum.  It is the National Automotive and Truck Museum or NATMUS for short.  It houses a variety of cars.

For the grand finale of the annual meeting, there will be an auction of items donated by members to raise money for the club.  Bob Heyen and his wife Ruth, were some of the B.F. Avery’s Association most dedicated members.  Bob passed away recently, and Ruth in his memory donated a BF Avery Model A scale model tractor and three BF Avery wrenches.  The scale model tractor is the lead version of the BF Avery A and very few were produced.  So, if you want one of this rare models for your collection, bring a lot of cash and hold your hand up till your nose bleeds and it’ll be yours!

2016 spring auction itemsThe three wrenches are Official BF Avery items, there is two K-209** chilled plow wrenches and a #97** wrench.  Again, these are few and far between these days and every collector needs at least one or two of each in their collection.  Remember, the money for all the auction items goes to fund the Association’s activities, so bid early and bid often!

There will also be a BF Avery Collectors & Associates business meeting and if you want your vote to count, then attendance is mandatory.

** Thanks to BFAvery member Merrell Cree for pointing out my typo on the K-209 wrenches and my SWAG on the J-97 wrench.














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As a contributing Editor to the BF Avery National Tractor Club’s Quarterly Newsletter I have written about a wide range of topics in my column The Kracked Head Update, covering the BF Avery Company’s history, tractors and equipment. I have attended many Antique Tractor Shows and talked with exhibitors about their passion for the BF Avery brand, Personally I own a 1948 BF Avery Model V that was purchased by my father around 1950.
I’m a Vietnam Veteran, having served aboard the USS Bausell, DD-845 and a member of The Tin Can Sailors Association as well as The Tonkin Gulf Yatch Club


  1. DHReasons Sr says:

    Thanks Merrell. corrections noted above in article

  2. Merrell Cree says:

    Just to clarify, I believe the two wrenches actually are K-209s and the single is a J-97.