2009 Summer Show Comments & Avery Plows

The Kracked Head Update was originally published in the September 2009 BF Avery Newsletter

The 2009 Summer show is in the books. We all had a great time attending the Central Hawkeye Gas Engine and Tractor’s 2009 summer show held in Waukee, Iowa. All of the folks up there were extremely friendly and helpful. The facilities were topnotch and there was plenty of parking room for the haul trucks and trailers. The tent and building we were located in was great and lots of folks stopped by for a visit.

One of the most outstanding features of the 2009 Summer show was the disassemble of the Model V on Friday and the reassembly on Saturday. There were lots of interested onlookers cheering the shade tree mechanics on as they worked both days. In fact there was one fellow on Saturday that got so carried away trying to watch all the action going on that he tilted just a little too far back in his chair and wound up doing a backward flip. Unfortunately, he was just out of the video camera’s line of site and the tumbling act will only live on in our memories. The good news was that only his pride was wounded, but otherwise survived the mishap. I won’t mention a name, but I’m sure he’s glad I didn’t get a picture of the trick.

I took several pictures of the disassemble on Friday and then on Saturday recorded the reassembly on video tape as well as still images.   The tear down is on YouTube Here.

On Friday night we all went to the Machinery Shed in Des Moines for dinner. A great meal was enjoyed by all and we even got to take a wagon ride around the property after we ate. Nothing like taking a spin around the block behind an old John Deere. On Saturday evening, Wendell and Charlene Shellabarger, hosted us for a cookout of burgers and hotdogs along with fresh boiled corn on the cob. Special thanks to both Wendell and Charlene for their efforts. This is the second time I’ve been to a show hosted by them and I have thoroughly enjoyed both.

Many of you have met my grandson Addison who has been attending shows with me for the last four years. Well as usual he had another rip-roaring good time. I don’t think there was a thing that moved the entire three days that we were there that he didn’t ride. He must have logged a 100 miles riding around on the shuttle wagons. Got to get that kid a lawn tractor to drive.

Our weather here in North Alabama has been great for crops this summer. In a recent conversation with a local farmer, he told me that once they got everything in the ground that the rains had hit just about right. They had an above average winter wheat crop and that the corn and soybeans were right on schedule for a bumper harvest. The biggest worries right now are the knock downs being put on the harvest by the local Co-ops.

I was also told that total cotton acreage under cultivation here in Lauderdale County is down this year due to projected low market prices. There is still quite a bit of cotton being grown, but not as much as in recent years. As one farmer remarked, “Cotton, you either love to grown it or hate it with a passion” since it is so weather susceptible.

Also, please remember that if you have a personal website or your local tractor club has a website, then just let me know via email and we’ll link to those sites. It generates more exposure for both of us.

That’s all for this update, I hope to see many of you in Indiana in February if one of the ole Ford’s will crank.  So until next time “May your furrows be straight and deep” and I’ll see you on bfavery.com or the BF Avery Facebook page.


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